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FurBall Maps ≠ Results or Strategy

Big Risks in Seeking Pretty Maps. Most social networking analysis (SNA) methodology is based on surveys, data mining or a combination of both (e.g., Valdis Krebs, FAS research, and others). This type of social network analysis works well when people need to participate in research as a requirement of their job or when the data…

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Multiplayer Missions that Matter: Advocacy, Video Games and Networks

In my personal life, I’m passionate about three things: dogs, advocacy and video games. It’s those last two really have me excited lately, thinking about how I can combine my love of video games with my love of advocacy. It turns out, sometimes the two aren’t so different (though I’m still working on how to…

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A Call for the Networked Resistance

It’s a rainy day in D.C. after a shocking election. “Upset” doesn’t seem like a big enough word to characterize what has happened. As we struggle with the outcome, the Netcentric Campaigns team has shed tears and hugged. We share the grief and fear along with millions of others — not just because of the…

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We Can’t All Be Pilots

I was flying on a tiny shuttle plane from DC to Atlanta. We were running 40 minutes late and I only had an hour-long window before a presentation (the sole purpose of the trip.) The pilot announced we were beginning our initial descent into Atlanta. “Phew!” I thought. I would make the meeting. Then, an…

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Communication Tools: 1/7 of an Effective Advocacy Network

At Netcentric Campaigns, we talk a lot about the Seven Elements of Network Advocacy. These are the key pieces that make advocacy networks successful. One of these Seven Elements is having a solid communications grid. A communications grid is the mix of communications tools people have access to within the network. On a personal note,…

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Networks, Information, Engagement & Truth

One was an 18th century leader of the Enlightenment, champion of democracy and individual rights, American founding father and president. The other was a 20th century psychologist, computer scientist and visionary of the powerful promise of computer networks. And for me, like bookends, they provide the supporting beliefs that have formed the basis of my…

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