Training Program by Netcentric Campaigns: Network Building for Social Change

Netcentric Campaigns is excited to offer a new and innovative training program, thoughtfully designed to cultivate the essential skills needed to build thriving and resilient advocacy networks dedicated to social change.

This immersive program is an invaluable tool for network leaders across all advocacy levels. You will learn how to:

  • Understand the "people power" that intentionally-built networks must harness for causes.
  • Design and build effective networks from the ground up.
  • Sharpen your network management skills for maximum impact.
  • Develop strategies to navigate and overcome obstacles to network growth.
  • Challenge established practices and drive unprecedented success within your networks.

This training program is made possible by the generous support of our donors, whose contributions have been pivotal for our continued success. To learn about our funding partners, click here. If you're interested in supporting future programs and activities, please get in touch to learn how you can make a difference.

Take Your Network-Building Skills to the Next Level

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Navigating effective advocacy doesn’t have to be complex.

Our comprehensive 6-week program aims to empower participants with the skills and expertise needed to organize networks for social progress and causes effectively. During the training, you will actively engage in insightful discussions regarding your unique organizing challenges, with a specific emphasis on the fundamental aspects of network building that directly align with your work.

The program offers a wealth of discussions, reading materials, exercises, and proprietary resources to encourage proactive learning. Our supportive environment will elevate your understanding and management skills toward network building, while also offering personalized breakout sessions to ensure your continuous progress and effective utilization of the information.

This unique program blends live, interactive sessions with asynchronous content, accommodating different time zones for our participants around the world, and ensuring each participant gains the maximum benefit from the curriculum.

Exploring Key Topics and Strategies

Our Netcentric Campaigns training course covers a range of essential topics to help you build and strengthen your network. Learn why a network is important, and gain valuable insights into uncovering and solving common network problems. Overcome roadblocks and discover strategies for recruiting the right people to foster a healthy network. Dive into areas such as network structures, leadership, values, and boundaries. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to create and maintain a thriving network.

Our training program offers a wide range of added benefits:

Consultative support: Our small group training helps you learn more effectively from our experienced team. It also enables us to assess your progress and identify areas for further exploration.

Live strategy sessions: Customized to your interests and needs, these sessions allow you to deep dive into specific topics and learn from other networks and network managers.

Personalized recommendations: We'll connect you with our network of organizers who can offer valuable insights and assistance, helping you solve problems and gain new perspectives.

Extensive resource library: Access our comprehensive collection of materials, workshops, and future upgrades. We're dedicated to providing ongoing support and fostering a practitioner community.

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Elevate your advocacy skills and network impact with the Netcentric Campaigns Training Program. Apply now, or benchmark your capacity with our Network Manager Self-Check and get tailored suggestions. Have questions? Contact us to learn more.

Start your journey to impactful change now!

What Sets This Program Apart? Results.

Network Manager Blueprint

As a participant in our training program, you will witness tangible progress in building and managing your networks. Our strategy-focused training will give you the skills, knowledge, tools, and connections needed to create stronger, more capable networks.

Importantly, this program goes beyond mere learning; it emphasizes applying knowledge in real-world scenarios, focusing on sharing and capturing your experiences.

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The Netcentric Campaigns training program is more than a course; it's an investment in your professional growth and a pivotal step toward transforming your network management skills.

To learn more about this program, don't hesitate to reach out. If you're ready to take your network-building journey to the next level and experience the incredible impact this training program can have on your advocacy work, apply here!