About Netcentric Campaigns

Our world is rapidly changing. The future will be shaped by networks of connected leaders and advocates. We work with you to create a powerful, thriving advocacy network.

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We Are

Netcentric Campaigns is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000. We are based in Washington, D.C. and are dedicated to transforming the work of foundations and nonprofits through building networks of people to move change forward.

We Love

The causes we care about are wrestling with how to better network their efforts: climate, democracy, justice and public health to name a few. The networking challenge is a serious stumbling block for many, if not most, complex social causes.

There are people building networks throughout key social movements. They need help. They need access to network building experience. They need a clear framework to unlock ways to approach network building. They need access to expertise and access to a community of fellow practitioners. We are dedicated to helping them and their causes.

We Do

Netcentric Campaigns has been working to bring thought leadership, experience, skill, guidance and professionalism to the networking challenges that key movement leaders are facing. Our work starts with understanding the change being sought, revealing the people who need to engage, reimagining the necessary alliances, and envisioning what a robust network could do together. In each case, we focus on how to implement concrete actions to build meaningful connections. We help open the perspectives to the value of other voices (sometimes easy, sometimes quite hard) and design practical and feasible ways to build new networks and network power that produces results.

Netcentric Campaigns provides training and consultative help to many movements and social causes each year. We build the strategist and the strategies. Our work provides materials and staff time to important stakeholders helping advance their practices across the field, enhance evaluation, and provide insights into the challenges of network building.

We developed a Field Guide for Network Managers, and we offer support walking through the concepts and materials. We have been providing introductions and orientation to the leaders building their own networks in democracy groups, journalism initiatives, as well as environmental capacity builders, combating childhood obesity, fracking, and other issues.

Netcentric Campaigns scans and examines critical social causes to find the right opportunities to apply our unique skills and experiences to public health and environmental efforts. We continually sharpen the insights and lessons from our ongoing hands-on work. We are eager to share lessons from our work on Public Health, Culture of Health Network, Childhood Obesity, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) network in Ghana, Fighting the harms from Fracking and Gas Development, or local networks in Maryland or Pittsburgh.

Netcentric Campaigns continue to adopt shifting technology and work trends for the benefit of social cause organizing. We leverage unique perspectives to understand the opportunities across movements for disruptive innovations. We act and incubate new projects to serve our allies and advance environmental and public health organizing. Our projects include: Green Media Toolshed, Women’s E-Media Center, MobileActive, Scorecard.org, OccupyMessages, Movement as a Workforce and Gamification in Advocacy.

We Aspire

To the casual review, the work from the villages in Ghana, to the city of Pittsburgh may not seem related. They are.  The good people that we serve, whether they are working to save Rhinos, fight human trafficking, or fighting the harms of fracking, are all struggling with some very solvable network-building problems.  Problems that Netcentric Campaigns helps them solve again and again.

Our vision is as a nonprofit, to continue to elevate network building for the field and tools available for network builders, to work in service for more organizers and causes, to create a strong connection among practitioners, all to accelerate the success of public interest social cause work. The work is necessary. The work is important. We are good at it. We are eager to learn more about the networks you are building and discuss ways the team, technology, thinking, and organization are available to support such efforts.


Netcentric Campaigns is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000. Originally named Green Media Toolshed (GMT), a rebrand was undertaken in 2013 in order to strengthen our abilities to launch and enhance the power of advocacy networks.

From the very beginning, the organization and our culture has been rooted in our core values to be professional, empathetic, innovative, cheerful, and helpful (more on our values here). We also very quickly dove into the power of networks and started to explore the role of networks thinking could play in reshaping more powerful advocacy efforts.

Ultimately, network efforts had become 80% of the operations, staff work, and budget inspiring a rebrand but our roots in service, charity, leveraging technology, and commitment to building power for others remained. (Green Media Toolshed) .

Visual History

The people, projects, campaigns, fellows, and works that are our mission and history.