Create Compassion. Work with the Eyes and Ears of Others

The post is part of a series of pages focused on communicating the core values of Netcentric Campaigns (Supportive | Professional | Innovative | Cheerful Empathetic).  To learn more about the role of values at Netcentric Campaigns you can read on. You can also participate in the online meeting and discussions of our values,  give us ideas about how your expect these values to come to life, or fill out a survey to provide feedback for the team and our Board so we can continue to improve.


“seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” ― Alfred Adler

Meaning we expect to work with the eyes and ears of others. We invest in working to better understand the world the way those we serve see it.  We strive to grasp an understanding consistent with those we serve. We seek to see the problems the way they do. We aim to understand why efforts are a priority and what is at stake. We listen to align with the passions that they have to succeed and co-own responsibility and burden to strive for success.

Their issues and problems are central in the context that they live in, and while we work them also central to us.  Nobody should take on the complex wicked work alone. It is our value to understand others, to align with them, be an accomplice, and seek to understand their story, challenges, goals, and motivations. Our focus on empathy generates compassion and helps us connect to the humanity within networks.  

Empathy is good for us. It expands our worldview and walking with them matters. Empathy helps us anticipate needs and better understand the applicability of solutions. It helps us understand when people might want to weigh in, and when they might just want something solved. It helps us build trust and common language and vision. 

We see empathy in the ways we talk about our work, how we are inspired,  and the ways we embrace the issues that are central to the work. Professional integrity demands we bring our best skills, our “A game”, and our craft. Empathy demands we bring our personality, energy, and heart to the work.  The team will know why we do the work and be able to articulate why the work we do is so important.  We anchor our work in projects and clients we can believe with and in. We can demonstrate that we are self-motivated to work on challenges and initiate efforts in alignment with our collaborators.  We share ownership for the responsibility to be proactive in addressing challenges. We share in the emotion of the stories, causes, losses, and lessons. Empathy provides inspiration in the work and enables us to invite others.  We recognize and celebrate the successes of partners, clients and campaign victories of the movement/network.

You can learn more about our values here.

You can offer ways you would expect to see these values come to life here.


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