Bring an Uplifting Spirit and a Smile.

The post is part of a series of pages focused on communicating the core values of Netcentric Campaigns (Supportive Professional | Innovative | Cheerful Empathetic).  To learn more about the role of values at Netcentric Campaigns you can read on. You can also participate in the online meeting and discussions of our values,  give us ideas about how your expect these values to come to life, or fill out a survey to provide feedback for the team and our Board so we can continue to improve.


Meaning we appreciate the joy in the work, in the work of others, and relationships we are creating. We welcome the shared laughter that signals attunement with each other’s perspectives. We find the energy and perspectives needed to be cheerful and hopeful in our work to serve others. We muster positive energy and positive disposition in all our endeavors. We bring enthusiasm to our work of serving people that are often bearing burdens of challenges very directly and those that work in losing and seemingly hopeless endeavors and unfathomable odds.

We see the value of cheerfulness among each other internally in the following ways. We carry our work in ways that are cheerful, hopeful and life-loving. We spend the energy to smile. We believe in making the world a better place and committing to being a part of forwarding progress. We focus on the honor in service to others. We are mindful that we are working on amazing issues and with fellow good spirits. Helping them access networks of others is always a privilege even when very hard. We appreciate the silly, fun, and ironic.

Others can see cheer in our work, content, and good humor. We are welcoming, affirming and celebratory in our rituals.

The value is important because we work among the fog of big issues, high risks, intensely emotional contexts, and campaigns of uncertain outcomes. We carry ourselves cheerfully in all we do. We bring cheer to each other and to those we serve, even when we don’t know when the sun will return. Networks give power to others, they should also be designed not to drain the energy from those they serve. It is surprising how important cheerfulness can be in setting the tone of the work, and ultimately the outcomes.

You can learn more about our values here.

You can offer ways you would expect to see these values come to life here.

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