Nail the Details, Diplomacy, and Quality.

The post is part of a series of pages focused on communicating the core values of Netcentric Campaigns (Supportive Professional | Innovative | Cheerful Empathetic).  To learn more about the role of values at Netcentric Campaigns you can read on. You can also participate in the online meeting and discussions of our values,  give us ideas about how your expect these values to come to life, or fill out a survey to provide feedback for the team and our Board so we can continue to improve.


Meaning deliver efforts, services, and products, in an organized, disciplined and level-headed method.  Work with a high-level of attention to detail, diplomacy, and quality. Catch mistakes before they impact those we serve.  Implement efforts with proficiency and clear communication. Bring the best work forward because our integrity drives our process and our people. Produce work as a result of a driven and disciplined work ethic with high standards for organization, communication, and results created by craft and disciplined investment. Communicate and engage others in a level-headed manner.

Important because reliability is an easy way to inject some value into a network. Trust is a result of likability and reliability.  Doing the work right. Working well is a sure-fire path to building trust. If people trust the way the network is organized and the quality of the people working on the effort, some of that shines on the people that are in the network. Just as a network team failures and mistakes can be amplified and often misassociated with everyone in the network. 

Being professional produces results because people are effective in sensing the dedication to them and to the craft. Networks are fragile in the beginning and offer more promise than results as they start.  The professionalism of the supporting team can build faith in the promise and secure the time needed for people in the network to start connecting to each other. \

We see it among each other internally in the following ways.   Our results, service and product demonstrate high standards for clarity, communications, approach, and manner. We honor and understand the roles everyone plays and the value of each contribution.  We push each other to do work well and support each other in attention to detail. We are concentrated and productive while working. 

You can see it in our work as when we are engaged we are thoughtful and.dependable. We- meet the deadlines, budgets, and goals set. We are honest and straightforward in the way we communicate. We are consistently improving professional work. Our team is personally restrained and focused on the delivery of service at hand.  

You can learn more about our values here.  

 You can offer ways you would expect to see these values come to life here

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