Halt the Harm Network – How Long Will the Shale Revolution Last?

Did you know that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) were forced to downgrade their estimates by 96%? The EIA has a track-record of over-estimating production – which, as you can imagine has a significant impact on policymakers. The rosy cheerleaders of the “shale revolution” are increasingly looking at a scoreboard that says the jobs, benefits,…

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Seven Elements Spotlight: Shared Resources

In theory, bringing nonprofit leaders across a movement together in an advocacy network sounds simple. In practice … well, it’s a bit more complicated. See, as much as we like to tout the benefits of networks at Netcentric Campaigns, we understand that many nonprofit leaders are sometimes hesitant to join forces with others in their…

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Introducing Netcentric Campaigns: Bigger Mission, Bigger Impact

When striving to achieve change, sometimes you need to change something about yourself. Green Media Toolshed is now officially Netcentric Campaigns. Our new name reflects our expanding work to help foundations, nonprofit organizations and grassroots leaders mobilize advocacy networks that will achieve change for the greater good. Although we’ve got a new moniker, we aren’t…

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