Halt the Harm Network – How Long Will the Shale Revolution Last?

Did you know that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) were forced to downgrade their estimates by 96%? The EIA has a track-record of over-estimating production – which, as you can imagine has a significant impact on policymakers.

The rosy cheerleaders of the “shale revolution” are increasingly looking at a scoreboard that says the jobs, benefits, and recoverable gas will NOT pan out as they predicted.

U.S. shale oil and gas production has reached record highs only as a result of high rates of drilling and more aggressive technologies including longer horizontal laterals and massive injection volumes of water and proppant.

The Post Carbon Institute and Halt the Harm Network are hosting a webinar to help bring you solid economic and energy assessment expertise to your organizing, media and campaign efforts. Through this unique partnership, Halt the Harm Network leaders will be able to join a special online briefing with earth scientist and energy expert David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute fellow and author of the report How Long Will the Shale Revolution Last?: Technology versus Geology and the Lifecycle of Shale Plays. with provided by Post Carbon Institute.

What you’ll get from this webinar presentation:

– An understanding of how fracking technology has evolved over the past several years in terms horizontal lateral lengths, injection volumes of water and proppant, and their effect on well productivity.

– An appreciation of the geological variability of shale plays and its effect on future well productivity and production.

– An understanding of the likely evolution of shale plays in terms of cost and production in contrast to rosy projections from the EIA and industry.

Webinar is Aug 14, 2019, 01:00 PM Eastern TimeRegister for this Halt the Harm Network Event


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