Netcentric Campaigns Fellowship – Part-Time Remote. Fellow Relationship Support and Coordination

This opportunity aims to introduce the Fellow to nonprofit organizing and management while also supporting spreading the understanding of network campaigns, network organizing and the work of network management.  The work serves the efforts of other Fellows, builds relationships with them, and supports the projects of Netcentric Campaigns. 

The location is flexible (virtual / part of a remote team). The work should take roughly 20 hours a month and at most includes 4 or 8 scheduled online meetings (between 8-5 EST) monthly to advance training and discuss the Fellowships. The fellowship offers fixed support of $1,000 a month to cover skills building, support critical work, and a structured immersion in advancing Netcentric Campaigns work with other Fellows. 

Based on hours available and monthly priorities negotiated with the Executive Director, the Operations Coordination Fellow will be working on a selection of the following projects:

  • Grow the Fellows Program.  Help with recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and coordination of Fellows engaged with Netcentric Campaigns. Be an ambassador for Netcentric Campaigns brand with the Fellows, past Fellows, and potential Fellows. 
  • Provide Operational Support for Fellows.  Provide assistance and information to current and former Fellows. Be a source of support, answers,  and service to Fellows supporting their work, orientation, contracting, and payment processing. Monitoring documentation and progress of the Fellows.  Working together with them to sort out basic technology used in their engagement (zoom, google docs, slack, etc). Reviewing project status, calendars and documentation compliance as needed.
  • Cultivate Stronger Relationships with Fellows and Among them.  Scanning team project chat threads for issues.  Creating and sustaining team message boards on projects to see if updates, questions or general news is being shared as needed with the full team. Develop and prepare Netcentric Campaigns strategies and communications that provide Fellows with individual feedback, encouragement, and gratitude. Development and review of Fellows relationship plans, training, and support needs. Contacting each active fellow for 30min a month to check in on project progress and their needs. Also, encourage and remind them to participate in training opportunities. Development of correspondence with Fellows.   Prepare check-in strategies with each Fellow for Executive Director. Provide briefings on Fellow progress, morale, needs, accomplishments to celebrate, and coaching priorities. Preparing communications to support Fellow relationship building and Fellow meetings and check-ins.
  • Become the ambassador for Netcentric Campaigns work culture. Encourage others to continue to gain clarity on the core approach to work and how our approaches and perspectives are visible and observed in work and work products.
  • Improve Netcentric Campaigns Fellows work. Find and discuss best practices to fellows and fellow management work. Reviewing and updating our processes for providing coordination on the review of orientation materials and orientation discussions with Fellows. Review and improve Netcentric Campaigns Fellows materials and online support site. 
  • Project management, time tracking, and reporting,  and coordination communication as needed to complete the work outlined.  Regular and project Review discussions and calls with the Executive Director.

We are seeking people for whom this work complements and is synergistic along with their other volunteer or paid work tied to career development, grassroots organizing, and progressive issues.

Desired Experience and Attributes

  • Passion for progressive change.
  • Proficiency in Word,  Slack, Trello, Google Docs, and Zoom.
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple tasks
  • Focus and attention to detail, including the management of complex information.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, high emotional intelligence and good judgment about people and situations.
  • A high degree of integrity, and the ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Highly dependable and able to meet deadlines consistently.
  • Excellent written and in-person communications skills.
  • Experience working as part of a distributed and remote team. 
  • Proven professionalism with interviewing skills including preparation, thoughtful questions, and accurate reporting.
  • Ability to meet at 1 pm on Mondays and as scheduled other days between 8 am and 4 pm EST. 

We are seeking people for whom this work complements and is synergistic along with their other volunteer or paid work tied to career development, grassroots organizing, and progressive issues.

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