Be Available. Be Helpful. Be Unseen.

be supportive and unseen

The post is part of a series of pages focused on communicating the core values of Netcentric Campaigns (Supportive Professional | Innovative | Cheerful Empathetic).  To learn more about the role of values at Netcentric Campaigns you can read on. You can also participate in the online meeting and discussions of our values,  give us ideas about how your expect these values to come to life, or fill out a survey to provide feedback for the team and our Board so we can continue to improve.


Meaning be helpful.  Our work is about others.  We are to be supportive and focused on aiding those organizing and in networks, the people in our fellowship program, and the networks that our times demand.   Together, we serve to boost the effectiveness and impact of others. We share the loads they bear and lighten the challenge for them. We work to solve networking problems and design networks to increase the flow of resources to deliver power, money, moral support and experience where it is needed. We help elevate others that are focused on service. We consistently move on our goals by serving others and working within systems they set up and hold dear. 

Important because we are a charity and designed to our core DNA as an organization to serve. We thrive when we serve and build up others. We are a service organization. We are a channel of service to network builders and the causes they work on. We require no recognition or attention for the sake of either.

Service produces results because people are effective in sensing the shifts in power or value.  They know if the network is serving and delivering value to edge or harvesting it and collecting it.  All networks depend on reciprocity, as network builders, we can inject reciprocity into the networks, we deposit value into a network by focusing on service. Deposits that others can leverage to advance their work.  Service is the origin of all network-building efforts. We want partners and coworkers that extend their own genuine drive to serve. We design networks that push power to the edge because it is a way to unlock success for them and ultimately for the network to actually work.  Our work is driven by the eagerness to build network strength, such strength grows more quickly with each act of service.

We see it among each other internally in the following ways.   Our team makes sacrifices for those we support and others on the team.  We observe others and try to anticipate the needs of others. We see them meeting the needs of others in order to ease the burden on them.  People driven by service are inspired by the work of others, take the joy and share ownership of the struggles of others. They see how the service they provide fits in a picture of others and know why the work is so important.  They share stories about work and the issues we work on. People focused on service actively listen to the networks and communities we’re a part of. They demonstrate the commitment to others through hard work and dedication to tasks at every level. 

You can see it in our work with networks and network managers. Our intent to service must shine through the interactions with staff, the rationale of our strategies, the content on our pages, the budgets we spend, and the networks we help create.  The work we do will surpass expectations. We give more than they thought they would get. Our organization is service-oriented and supportive of clients and partners (it is clear to others that we are here to help the movement succeed).  We join our expertise with the existing knowledge and expertise within a movement and share. Signs of our focus on service are in our marketing and language and reflected in the way we recognize and celebrate the successes of partners, clients and campaign victories of the movement/network.

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Photo by Scott Trento on Unsplash