7 Elements

No Network of Networks

Occasionally, I run across the phrase “a network of networks.” The general idea is pretty clear, but the language can also sound a little “empire building” or “the one ring to rule them all” -ish. It is important when this language pops up to dig into it. A network of networks is not about combining…

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Mending the Nets

Recently, our team came across a blog published by the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society titled “Hauling in the Nets,” written by Tony Proscio. The blog is an overview of a presentation (which you can view below) by John Ettinger, CEO of the Helmsley Charitable Trust, who makes some insightful critiques of –…

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Communication Tools: 1/7 of an Effective Advocacy Network

At Netcentric Campaigns, we talk a lot about the Seven Elements of Network Advocacy. These are the key pieces that make advocacy networks successful. One of these Seven Elements is having a solid communications grid. A communications grid is the mix of communications tools people have access to within the network. On a personal note,…

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