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HHN Welcome Committee Fellowship 2020 ( Next opportunity is in Fall 2020)

Welcome Committee fellows make sure the process for participating in Halt the Harm Network are smooth, inclusive and friendly.  We support network participants via the “Welcome Committee”. We are looking for people that are passionate about helping others, good at customer service, and willing to go the extra mile to help users understand what our network offers. We are looking for people that want to promote an inclusive and supportive network for people fighting the harms of fracking and gas development.  We want Fellows to improve the ways we can welcome new users. 

The Fellowship offers fixed support of $2,000 (~about 60 hours) over about 3 months to support hands-on work, talent development, and structured immersion in welcoming new people to the Halt the Harm Network.  The location is flexible (virtual) work should take roughly 60 hours and at most includes (6-10) online meetings with an ongoing interest in the Fellowship voluntary to advance training and discuss the Fellowship. This program aims to support spreading the understanding of network campaigns, network organizing and the work of network management all while serving the efforts of other fellows and Halt the Harm Network project of Netcentric Campaigns.  The fellowship offers hands-on work, talent development, and structured immersion in working with peers in a network advancing efforts to fight the harms of oil and gas development.

We are seeking people for whom this work complements and is synergistic along with their other volunteer or paid work tied to career development, grassroots organizing, and progressive issues. 

About the Halt the Harm Welcome Committee Fellow Work

The Welcome Committee cultivates the relationships of people to each other in Halt the Harm Network.  Work includes:

  • Completing a checklist including the online orientation video and document review that explains HHN and the branding and tone guide for the project.  
  • Conduct outreach and welcome calls to leaders that have joined the network as part of a “Welcome Committee”.  Gather key information about them and why they joined. Serve as a credible source of knowledge and information about our network to new leaders. Develop notes and ideas on how the network can best serve the new user. 
  • Share issue support, moral support, empathy, and feedback to peers across the movement that are interacting with Halt the Harm Network as new or targeted members for boosted engagement. 
  • Respond to and provide feedback and decision guidance to operations team on participant issues that are raised to Welcome Committee from Halt the Harm Network members. 
  • Provide detailed feedback and improvements which helps us improve the welcome committee documentation, orientation, and process for volunteers and users of our network. 
  • Taking detailed notes at those online working sessions and following up on the work outlined. 
  • Independent project management, time tracking, reporting,  and coordination communication as needed to complete the work outlined.  
  • Recommend improvements to the process. 

Desired Experience and Attributes 

  • At least three years of work or volunteer efforts fighting the harms of fracking and gas development in a grassroots, nonprofit, or agency setting.
  • Superb communication, teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Proven professionalism with interviewing skills including preparation, thoughtful questions and accurate reporting.
  • Experience posting multimedia content to tools such as WordPress, Drupal, and social media content management services.
  • Passion for progressive change.
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