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Introduction to network organizing.

There are three core beneficiaries of Netcentric Campaigns online skills course.

  1. Practitioners that are working on and in networks. We aim to accelerate the ways people develop skills, tools and tips across networks.  The framework creates new ways to dig into conversations around networks.
  2. Those of us that are investing in networks with time or dollars or energy. We make management decisions about where and how to invest make sure that we are creating positive network effects from those resources. We can also benefit from learning the best practices from the practitioners and better understand how to assess arguments that we should be investing in networks.
  3. Evaluators seeking to help network managers do better. The evolution of clear framework leads to new insights for efforts focused on building network capacity and network power to create change.

The Introduction to the Online Skills Course is June 18 at 8:00 AM EDTContact Us if you are interested in learning more or registering for this free course.

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