Network Fundraising.

Those who have completed the core topic sessions are invited to join this advanced topic live session on Network Fundraising.

Here is what you'll learn:

Networks are less like free speech and more like free puppies. They require effort to care and feed.

Network managers are constantly working to secure management and donor buyin to the strategy and plans. In this session, we discuss “big picture” communication and the need to present a compelling vision to those that support our work.

Communications to external stakeholders including managers who we report to, the governing bodies that support our staff time, or directly to a donor or potential funder.

In this session we will share what we all know about effective ways to clearly lay out the problems that a network can address, the rationale for network building, the approach to the work, and the expected results.

Communications must obviously be customized for each network and each audience and in this session, we will help you build confidence, strategies and hone materials that you will be using to build the management and financial support for your work.

Presented by

Marty Kearns

December 10, 2020
12:00pm Eastern Time

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